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Perth and its pods of whales!

The mighty mammals of the sea flock to the pristine waters of Perth year-round as they migrate in search of their future partners. Unlike other whale watching locations, the waters of Perth are visited by a number of whale species mainly humpbacks and blue whales.

The whales tend to swim close to the shore which will let you spot them with your bare eyes. If you think this is awesome, think about a vantage point from where you are just meters away from these magnificent creatures. 

Although Perth has a year-round whale watching season, you would be able to see them the best during two main peak seasons so make sure you time your visit according to the type of whale species you would like to see.

From the month of March to May you will be treated with the view of the mesmerizing humpback whales as they migrate north. To watch the endangered southern right whales the month of August is the best time. If you are lucky enough you will be able to spot humpback whales as well but not as many as in the month of May.


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